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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Bottega Veneta & amends

No, I am not neglecting you, I am just taking a small break since I am going to start working 4 times a week (instead of 3 times) starting tomorrow. First world problems.

Still, I simply had to share Bottega Veneta's collaboration with the Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf regarding their F/W campaign 2012/2013. It's a beautiful campaign although I personally don't like the female model, Aymeline Valade too much. I sort of think she looks a bit out of place,  I associate Bottega Veneta with a model with more elegant and softer facial features.

The pictures are still breathtakingly beautiful and sophisticated. Here the video to the campaign:

What do you think?

Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday Favorites

Here's to new traditions! My Friday Favorites inspired by
I will be presenting my favorites of the week every Friday, this week's top five categories being "Outfit of the week" (which I will be choosing from one of my followers' posts), "Music", "Travel", "Design" and "Cheerfulness" (you'll see what I mean)

Enjoy and have a happy, lovely weekend everyone!

Outfit of the week:

 (Miss Isabel aka

Isn't it lovely? Considering the fact she's done T-Shirt all by herself. Kudos. Forever Understated...: Destructive? Constructive !!


The lovely and talented Elle King. I don't know why but that song always puts me in a good mood.


Le Royal Monceau Hotel Paris:

The Hotel is on Avenue Hoche (one of the most beautiful avenues of the world), completely renovated by Philippe Starck.

Just a couple of chosen pictures. For the real deal, look here:


Diet Coke by Jean Paul Gaultier Campaign - I admit, I am not a big fan of Coke (diet or not) but I love JPG's design on those bottles. Bad news, the bottles are no longer available over here. 

One for the laughs:

She's such an inspiration. You can't help but love this girl. PS. Thumbs up for the song. 

Summer dresses mania!

I love checking out the many summer dresses / outfits of the blogs I follow and visit frequently, especially those of the lovely Miss Ivy aka and Miss Olga aka

Here's my contribution to the summer outfit mania:

First things first, we do not have an actual 'summer' over here in Germany although the past three days have been hot as hell. Secondly, this is an older picture (taken with my mom's not-so-flattering Sony cam - my apologies in advance for the bad quality) but I love wearing that dress, over and over again.

Quick question to my followers; I have been seeing outfit posts like these with brand names underneath them. What to do? Would you like to know the brands or should I just leave it at that?

And, last but not least, if you do have a Facebook page, please do pay me a visit:

I am currently looking for pages I can feature.

Enjoy the sun.

Dress: Lipsy Opium Day Dress

Shoes and Bag: Guess

Watch: Calvin Klein